Monday, November 23, 2009

How Are We Doing?

Happy Week-of-Thanksgiving! Here at Luau Cove we're taking the holiday off and we'd like to take the opportunity to ask you, the viewer, how we've been doing the past few months - what you like, what you don't, and how we can serve you better.

Would you, for example, prefer fewer but better pictures? A picture a week? Or pictures all at once, dumped into something like a Photobucket account? Should this be a blog at all? How often do you stop by? Etc.... let us know! We've been seeing that we tend to get the same number of views per image consistently, which indicates that there are perhaps a few dozen or so of you who are watching us consistently, if silently. How could we expand our viewer base?

Thanks everyone!
- Foxx and Peter Rabbit


  1. I absolutely love the pictures. I don't know how you could post "better" pictures, as you have suggested! Even though I know that you post thrice weekly, I check in daily and sometimes notice something new that I hadn't notice the prior viewing. This is your blog and your time we're speaking of, but personally, I enjoy viewing at least 3 pictures per week as a quick diversion from the normal boringness I look at during the week. Thanks again!

  2. I love the blog. I think three times a week is great. My only suggestion would be adding a little info about the pic. Example: this was taken inside the lobby of the Poly from the left side of the fountain or something along those lines. That way, when we go, we can see what you see. Sometimes viewers may not even be aware that these places exist, so just a bit of info would be cool. Thanks for listening.

  3. I love this blog, too. Three times a week is great, but even more pictures would be appreciated. The pictures are so fantastic, I'll take as much as I can get. Whenever you post a new picture, I instantly change my desktop background. I wouldn't like fewer pictures because I'm not sure that would make them better (they are amazing as is). Also, dumping them into a photobucket account would remove the spontenaity and fun of checking in 3 times per week. I think more people would visit the site there were more postings because usually checking blogs are daily habits and since there is not need to check this blog daily, sometimes it can be lost in the shuffle.

    Lastly, I totally agree with Rita,I think some description with the photos would be cool. And, since these are not your typical disney photos, the descriptions should be different as well. Maybe something poetic about how the dusky light filters through the trees in Adventureland or something.

    Anyways, thanks for the great blog and keep up the great work.

  4. The composition of the photos are great. Larger size would be my vote so they could be better enjoyed

  5. Hi

    Ive got a feed set up to show latest entries. But one picture at a time is just that. I want to step closer, turn my head to see the next part, or steb back for a larger view. You should explore Composite hundreds of photos into a 3d enviroment.

  6. Here are Links to some of my synths:

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you, and to all. It seems the consensus is that the format is working pretty darned good.
    I often wonder about the tucked away spots which those near WDW are so familiar, and I suppose we will be seeing more of those coming. Thanks for no hidden Mickeys, unless foiled by an unbeknownst Mickey already.
    I also appreciate the effort to take crowd free photos, and it works. I don't think their should be any fear though to include cast members of all activities, as it would be an added dimension.
    The quality has been great; it takes restraint not to post a comment on each picture. To all those shots already up, thanks!

  8. Hi all, thanks for writing in. I guess we won't be changing the format after all - the trick is just to drive more traffic to the blog. My wonderful networking skills (ha) should help there. =)

    Phil: it's not so much photographing the secluded areas as getting a good picture out of it.. I love the area behind Pirates that leads to the wheelchair exit alongside the train tracks, but it's more or less not possible to get a picture of it! We'll try...

  9. I hope I'm not too late to the comment parade!

    I really love the fact that the pictures are not what you would typically get at most photoblogs--they are unique and are taken from a vantage point I would not have thought of. The angles and perspectives give me pause and I ruminate on the settings. It is not just a strange angle on the roof, but a well-thought vision of the architecture, light and harmony of the scene.

    Sometimes I like the mystery of the shot without any details. Other times, I see something and I would love to look at a series of images from that locale. Sometimes, I want you two to offer personal tours of WDW!

    And ubiquitous Turkey shot?

  10. I think the photos are well framed and composed, but I have a few suggestions.

    I think they'd greatly benefit from some sort of filtering. The colors and depth are sort of flat. I typically use Topaz Adjust, which is a filter plug-in for Adobe Photoshop. Check out the Flickr page of one of my favorites, Tom Bricker: With a little processing, I think you'd bring out a lot more details and make the pictures really 'pop'.

    My only other comment is that the ginormous watermark. It obscures so much of the picture that it grabs your attention instead of the picture itself.

    I do really enjoy the blog, though!

  11. I did some test processing on one of your shots. Check this out and let me know what you think. If you'd like, I'll remove it as soon as you look at it - I just posted it on my Flickr photostream so that I could share it with you: