Wednesday, September 2, 2009

To Luau Cove!

Hello new viewers!

Luau Cove Marina is a new side-project by myself, FoxxFur, author at Passport to Dreams Old & New and my boyfriend, Peter. One of the original ideas behind Passport to Dreams was that it would be a place to post my better Disney photographs and wallpapers. As time went on and my focus became essays exclusively, this never quite happened although I would often try my best to slip in a few of the better shots here and there into relevant articles.

As such I am very excited to welcome you, the wonderful (and tasteful!) Passport to Dreams reader, to a new endeavor, Luau Cove Marina. This is going to be a three-times-weekly photo blog. There will be no commentary on the photographs, and no announcements except when a standalone project is posted. Expect posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 9:00 AM EST. We hope a regular schedule will help make us part of your morning blog-o-sphere routine.

Why another blog devoted to Disney photos when there are so many already? Peter and I believe we can bring something different to the table. Most Disney photo blogs take the form of "pictorial updates", visual journalism of whatever construction walls happen to be new in the park. Scattered through these will be a few inspired photographs. Luau Cove Marina will be nothing but the inspired photographs, minimally altered before being watermarked and posted.

We are both filmmakers and have a good eye for composition, and our experience with Disney will lead us to try to capture not just the commonly photographed layout or features of an area, but the mood - the certain something you carry away from any Disney experience. It also will make it highly unlikely that you'll find another centrally framed low light shot of Spaceship Earth, which are a dime a dozen from Disney and elsewhere. What about that quiet nook in Wilderness Lodge? The bar in the Polynesian? Those boxes in Liberty Square? We aim to photograph these sorts of parts Walt Disney World tastefully and atmospherically.

Another feature of Luau Cove Marina is that we are traveling to Disney not recreationally, but explicitly for the purpose of taking photographs. You will find no updates on attraction wait times or crowd levels. The photographs will be as free of crowds as possible - just like they are in our mind's eye. Each photograph was selected from batches of perhaps hundreds of photos, deemed to be the absolute best results of the day's work.

Whether you come to this blog to enjoy Walt Disney World between trips, or seeking a new approach to Disney photography, we welcome you warmly.

See you Monday!


  1. Wow! If I had a blog wishlist this would certainly be at the top. I absolutely adore Passport to Dreams and your unique perspective on themed design. Photos from the parks that are thoughtful and artistic will be a welcome addition to the Disney blogosphere. And with a filmmaker's eye for composition! Could it get any better?

    (Actually it could if you decided to post videos as well. Cinema Verite in Adventureland! Deep Focus on Main Street! Discontinuity Editing at Animal Kingdom! And what better place to compose Mise-en-scene than the stratificational rich areas of WDW?)

    But I digress. Thanks for another awesome blog and keep up the good work!

  2. Oh, this has SO been added to my RSS feeds! Can't wait!

  3. Knock me over with a feather~ this sounds good! Have fun and Thank you!

  4. to quote the kids today, this idea is made of win